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Adeoti College aims at providing a science oriented education as well as encourage a wide range of interest within a harmonious and discipline frame work. To be more specific, the school aims at providing high quality education for primary school leavers, encouraging in the minds of the students very high sense of discipline, inspire them to value and love excellence and equip them with the required skills for precision in perception, reasoning and expression by helping them to respect and value their own talents and develop them to the fullest.




School Details

Adeoti College Omu-Aran is a fully residential private school committed to adding a distinctly moral and academical dimension to secondary school in Nigeria.
Adeoti College Omu-Aran is built on a foundation of harmonious existence and good reputation.
The college therefore aims to help every member to develop his or her abilities, talents and personalities to the fullest possible extent and hopes always to be responsive to the individual needs. If individual development leads to self-centeredness and selfishness then our education will be said to be incompetent and distorted. Therefore, our activities would be geared towards making the individual learn to lives as a functional member of the college community and to realize that the way he or she lives his or her life affects the community as a whole.
Any act of rudeness or disobedience to a teacher or prefect, any act of dishonesty or unkindness to a fellow student, any act of willful disregard of school rules or any failure to do one's absolute best in studies, games, house duties or any other activity limits or diminishes the already high reputation for which our proprietor is known.
Students must know that no community can thrive smoothly (well) without rules and regulations.
The following guidelines will help you from going wrong:
1. Behave sensibly
2. Be punctual at every school activity.
3. Be considerate to others and behave in such a way that you do not cause them embarrassment, inconveniences, discomfort or danger.
4. Take active steps to stop any unkindness or tendency towards bullying and verbal or physical assault.
5. Do not do anything that your parents will not be proud of.
6. Make sure that your personal appearance (clothes, hair, shoes) and the way you move about the school will make a good impression on any visitor who sees you.
7. Obey all instructions from teachers and prefects promptly and cheerfully. Do not show resentment even if for some personal reasons, you feel it. "Obey first and complain later".
8. Behave courteously to your teachers, to visitors and to your fellow students.
9. Be truthful at all times. Truth in all cases lessens trouble or even removes its effects.
10. Remember that every member of Adeoti College holds a responsibility of looking after the buildings, furniture and equipment, which have been provided for our use, and also shares in the responsibility for the welfare of other members.
11. It is therefore your absolute duty to check or report any acts of antisocial behavior such as damage to school property or stealing or misuse of the property of your fellow students. Such acts damage the whole community and if you see them you must act in the interest of the community, instead of protecting the culprit. Any student that spoils or destroys any school property will replace the item(s) spoilt.
12. No fighting
13. No loitering or roaming up and down in the school premises.
14. No nickname or busybody spoiling or killing characters.
15. Students must always engage themselves in reading during their free periods.
16. Papers, dirty materials must always be picked up by students and thrown to areas where dirty materials are burnt.
17. Students must always wear the school uniform correctly.
18. There should be no stealing of materials in the    school.
19. There should be no noise in the classes or in the school.
20. Boarders should obey all boarding rules and regulations.


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