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Unique Friends Schools

1/2/4/6 Victor Akogwu Street, Olorogbo, Agbede,, Ikorodu, Lagos

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Unique Friends Schools is a pre-primary, primary school and College academy of international standard, established by an educationally inclined couple (Blessing and Victor) through divine fulfillment of their dream to provide quality education to the youths of Nigeria and beyond at affordable costs. It was conceived to train the youths to attain their full potentials to become responsible citizens and assume their envisaged roles as future leaders of the society.




School Details

Unique Friends adopts a multi-model curriculum so as to bring about a total learning effect. The models combine theory with practice. The models also provide guidelines on how to set up the physical environment, structure the activities, interact with children and their families, and support staff members in their training and day to day activities, all directed at the philosophy of making a TOTAL CHILD.

The curriculum is essentially tailored to cover the contents of the Nigeria school curriculum guidelines at the appropriate levels, and further enriched by features of the British curriculum.

Highlights of Our Curriculum

Creative Learning

This focuses on ten interest areas or activities of Blocks, House, Toys, Arts, Sand and Water, Library, Music and Movement, Cooking, Computers, and the Outdoors. The teachers are helped to understand how to work with children at different developmental levels to promote learning. Training manuals and audiovisual resources are available on the specified areas.

Early Recognition Intervention Network (ERIN)

This involves a system of making materials and organizing the learning environment to facilitate participation, body awareness and control, visual participation and language skills. This aspect of the curriculum focuses on general classroom modifications and arrangements of the physical space and daily time units, learning materials and their organization into learning sequences, the grouping of children, and teacher monitoring.

Project Approach

This aspect provides in-depth investigations and opportunities for the children to investigate specific topics with the goals of finding out more about the topics rather than mere seeking answers to questions proposed by the teachers. Either the children or the teachers could generate the topics but the questions to be addressed and investigated during the project are generated and developed by the children. This approach is similar to theme-based approach but under the latter, the teacher selects the topics and the questions rather than the children. Unique Friends however adopts the two approaches at appropriate times and levels.

Montessori Instructors

The philosophy and curriculum of the Montessori Method is based on the work and writing of Italian physician Maria Montessori. Her method appears to be the first curriculum model for children of pre-school age that was widely disseminated and practiced. Unique Friends embraces the philosophy in the curriculum to a reasonable extent. The curriculum is based on the idea that the children teach themselves their own experiences, hence the need to provide a carefully ordered environment to include didactic and sequenced materials geared towards promoting children’s education in four areas of development of senses, conceptual or academic development, competence in practical life activities, and character development. Materials for the approach proceed from simple to the complex and from the concrete to the abstract and 60% of class time is spent in independent activity. The founders are certified Montessori instructors and teachers.

ICT Skills

The school, realizing the importance of ICT in today’s educational and training requirements provides all necessary infrastructure required for the student to acquire necessary skills in that area. Internet facilities are provided at the required levels.

Facilities Available in the School

Hostel Facilities



Sport Facilities

Computer Laboratory

School Library

Medical Facilities

School Location

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Ismail Umar on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 Said

This school is one of the best school around in Ikorodu or Lagos State if not the best. I will gladly recommend it to anyone who will like to enroll their ward and also for parents who reside in Ikorodu, and will like their wards to not the environs. Its one of the best schools!

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